What if my ego’s sense of injustice & injury is false? What if all of my life I’ve been led here? What if I am expanding? What if all the delays & distractions were part of a plan larger than I can fathom? What if I simply wasn’t ready in my 20s? What if the entire human paradigm for achievement & success is a sham no one’s spirit feels at home inside? What if I am one of the few who are willing to live in the new way? To stand defenseless, vulnerable, open? What if we are meant to use our own lives to awaken other sleepers? What if we are HERE, NOW, on purpose?


What if I am always surrounded by benevolent beings who love to help me every time I ask, with things big or small? And what if these beings perceive no difference between big or small? What if big & small are human constructs that have served their time? What if I never have to feel alone & unsupported another minute of another day? What if I understood that going it alone is truly A CHOICE?


What if abundance is my actual nature? What if, all this time, I’ve been repelling the flow of good stuff that rushes toward me? What if I decide to stop being afraid of prosperity & start welcoming true riches into my life? What if I allow myself to fathom the deep richness of my life as it is RIGHT NOW, & trust there’s always more where that came from?


What if making art is not a trivial pastime? What if literature is so deeply important for mankind’s awakening & sense of connection that God sends writers into the world like troops with the express purpose of recording what we know & feel & love? And what if we are meant to share what we have written? What if we already have a contract that states we will be fully supported when we do the job we agreed to do before we came here?


What if I signed up to have all the crazy experiences I’ve lived through, so I could share them later? What if my words save one person, as the words of so many have divinely saved me? What if every person & place so far have been lessons I asked for in the time before my birth? What if the ACTUAL plan is to release the world’s trite, insecure expectations & instead reach deeply into the well of my 31 years & polish my treasures so they are beacons of hope for the next wave of truth-tellers? What if the Universe’s expansion starts with my own, with yours, with Ours?


WHAT IF we already know, under the fear of the world, what we are meant to do & be? What if all of us decided to trust our invisible powers & our abundant natures & our creative impulses? What if we said YES to love, no matter the perceived cost? What If our defenselessness is our point of truth, the place where the spirit can shine from us? What if it’s okay to let go of all we thought we knew, all we believe we must do, all our obligations & fears of scarcity, to a new truth in a new moment where we open our hearts & allow the light in? What if we trust ONLY that light, & live & work by it? What if we make art only by the lamp of that light, & parent our children by that light, & collaborate & dance & fall asleep & speak our minds & fall in love (over & over again, with everything) by that light?


What if we will then, at last, come to know that light as our truth, our inheritance, our connection to the Divine power source that sustains us—even when we used to seek sustenance from the world? What if we become so vast & bright & illuminated that we make peace with our lives, our relationships, our art, our money, & can then shine so much more on the people who have forgotten their own power, the way we once forgot ours?






What if we are willing to ask ourselves the hard questions, then bear to hear the answers? To heed them? To say no to what doesn’t serve us, to dive into our deepest longings, to stop half-living & begin the first day of a new, brilliant existence?


Who would you become today?


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