On Motion

I am a self-help junkie who is sick of self-help.

I am sick of all the modalities. The affirmations. The manifesting. The wishing. The listing. The declarations. The motivation. The #inspo [puke face].

I’ve just been living. And, how odd, stuff has been working out SO MUCH BETTER.

Because I’m not just vision-boarding and daydreaming, I’m doing.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something. We correct course along the way. The important variable is motion. This is what I’ve come up with now that I’ve put down all the tools. The ultimate tool, I’ve discovered, is me. Or, more specifically, me in motion.

And it’s all good that I did all the altar-ish things, the guru-hopping, the esoteric strategies. Maybe I’ll do them again. There will always be incubation periods.

But when they’re up, we need to MOVE.

For me, action is the scary part. I’m creative. I’m an idea person. I worry I’ll trip up or ruin something or waste time or upset somebody by being definitive.

But things in motion tend to stay in motion.

So write the book or the song. And share it. Get outside. Sign up for the race or the class. Set up the meeting. Move your body.

Don’t commit to the change. Don’t tell everyone about the change. Just change.

Whatever you’re here for, you already know. Or you will know once you start moving towards it, or towards anything.

It’s easy to place trust in pretty shiny things.

Unknown truth: the prettiest, shiniest thing is your own inner wisdom. 



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