Your Body is a Vehicle on Loan

Reese told me, “Mama, you have a pointy face. Like, your chin is pointy & your nose is kinda pointy & you got bones stickin’ out of your cheeks.” 😩 And then: “When I grow up, will I have a pointy face, too? I hope I look just like you.”

One of the things my own mom NEVER did was criticize her own looks. She admits (now) that she wasn’t always as confident as she made herself out to be, but she sure fooled me. I try to do that for Reese, who sometimes doesn’t think she’s cute or that her belly’s flat enough or that she has good hair (& she isn’t even in 1st grade!). I’ll take my bones stickin’ outta my cheeks & be happy with the Eastern European half of my heritage. I’ll take my imperfect body & make a beautiful life with it because that’s the whole point.

Reese & I talk often about the difference between the body & the spirit. One dies, one doesn’t. We take care of the body so it can serve us & others in this life. So we can experience all the things. So we can give & play & aspire & travel & feel. Not so we can spend all our hours trying to look like someone else.

My sister & I were talking on the phone yesterday about a recent, sad death of someone she knows. We agreed that life is wildly precious. We are all here for something. And none of us will be here 110 years from now. NONE OF US. So all the people you’re worried about pleasing, or about LOOKING a certain way for, won’t even be walking this earth to tell about it.

Plus, real beauty is something ELSE. When you’re around someone who is in love with their own life, you feel it & THEN you see it–& you are changed by it. And rather than envy, you experience the thrill of inspiration. Real beauty brings out real beauty in everyone else.

Love yourself: your humanity, your passions & your flaws. Shine so that all the shiny stuff makes its way into your orbit. It’s all so temporary.


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